Enchanted Unicorn Candles gives your home that personal touch!

PAY NO SHIPPING for the month of December.

Orders must be received during December 1st thru December 31st. (MST)

About Enchanted Unicorn

Here at Enchanted Unicorn all of our products are handmade and hand poured, one at a time. Our Candles are highly scented, our lotions feel like silk, ...

We are a very small Family owned Company in Davis County Utah, We may be Small,  But we are  HUGE in Scent.

We pour each and every Candle by hand, using only quality  ingredients made in the USA.


We offer, Candles, and Wax Melts, Lotions,  and Bar Soap.

We also have Enchanted Bead Spiders.

Wholesale orders are no problem, just call me and we can set it up.

2 week Notice on Large orders and a 50% Non Refundable Deposit.

Contact Phone Number:

801-694-1044 cell

Yes I can do Special Orders. Just call me and we can figure out the details. I need 3 days advance notice for Small orders. I do make different sizes of Soaps and Lotions. And can make Gift Baskets.

Come on..........Give us a Try.......You deserve the BEST......



Kaye, You are the Best, I will never again buy from those " other guys". Your Candles Wax lasts a very long time, and WOW, talk about the lasting Scent. Thank you. 

Lindsey Foster, Richfield Ut

I am now going to be your best Customer. Its been 2 months and the Romance scent is still as strong as the first day I got it.  

Nancy Norman,

I just got an E-mail from a very old friend. I thought I would share with you something that was said....Kaye, I did a test. Bought several candles from the other BIG companies, and compared them to one of yours you gave me for my birthday. Remember my Birthday was in September????? Well your candle has lasted the longest and has not lost its Scent.

Thanks KK, you were right. (i love to hear that)

Dear Enchanted Unicorn,
I took a chance on your small company, and got some of your products for my store.
As you can see, your stuff is always flying out the door. I cant seem to order enough of it. My customers just LOVE it.
Enclosed with this letter you will find my next order.
Keep up the good work. We all love your stuff here in Shady Point.

I got the mail today, and there was a letter from Carly, it says " Thank you Kaye for the soaps." LOVE THEM. And she has ordered more. Your welcome Carly, Thank you. You will have your soaps in 3 days.